Acute inpatient care generally involves a 4-10 day period of residence at the BCOM for persons 18 years and older. Patients are housed on all three floors of the BCOM facility, with 12-16 patients per floor receiving care and treatment by our credentialed staff 24-hours per day, 7-days per week.

The BCOM acute inpatient care program serves individuals who are suffering from a range of disorders, such as feeling disorders (e.g. depression), thought or thinking disorders (e.g. paranoia, delusion, hallucination), severe sleep disorders, and substance abuse disorders.

The primary goal of the treatment program at the BCOM is to promote personal independence, thereby, enabling our patients to return to a normal daily life routine as soon as possible.

Hallmarks of our approach to patient care include:

  • Screening of potential patients to ensure the ongoing safety of all other BCOM patients

  • Creation of a unique treatment program for each patient, based on a sensitive, thorough admissions process

  • Formation of a treatment team for each patient, including doctors, nurses, activity therapists, social workers, and other technicians

  • Use of various patient groups, both to facilitate therapy and to encourage patient interaction
    and independence

  • Medication to supplement a holistic treatment approach

  • Supplementing daily activities (e.g. crafts, exercise) with educational experiences designed to inform the patient about his or her condition and to promote progress after discharge from
    the BCOM

  • Providing patients with outside contacts and practical strategies to enable them to make continued progress after discharge from the BCOM


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