Geriatric Program Coming Soon

Comprehensive assessment and treatment of geriatric-psychiatric conditions.

Geriatric Program Coming Soon

The Geriatric Program will provide inpatient psychiatric treatment to patients who are in the later years of life and/or dealing with the issues associated the developmental stage. To maximize the gains made by patients in the program, the treatment addresses the psychiatric, medical, cognitive, social and familial issues contributing to the deterioration in functioning concurrently.  These gains are accomplished using a psycho-social approach based on the latest evidence-based treatments for this population.  The physical environment will be designed to promote safety and assist the individuals in the treatment process.  Because of the specialized services offered, these patients can receive more extensive organic medical workups, more structured cognitive assessment, age-sensitive and clinically appropriate aftercare referrals, monitoring of potential psychopharmacological side effects and integrated care specific to the geriatric patient.

Patients will be accepted into the program on a case by case basis using admission criteria to assist in determining that inpatient hospitalization is the least restrictive level of care to improve the functioning and quality of life of the individual.  Each patient will be assessed to determine the need for this type of care, and that their physical health and safety can be maintained in a free-standing psychiatric hospital.


Once admitted to the program the program objectives include specific objectives including:
  • Comprehensive assessment and treatment of geriatric-psychiatric conditions;
  • Create individualized treatment plan;
  • Provide 24 hour medical and psychiatric supervision, monitoring and medical treatment and interventions.
  • Provide continuous nursing services which include monitoring medication administration and patient education;
  • Provide rapid stabilization and resolution and the use of psychiatric symptoms and conditions;
  • Provide a safe clinical environment to protect the patient and others;
  • Provide psycho-education regarding psychiatric symptoms, illness, and medications;
  • Promote increased skills for self-management, stress management and problem-solving;
  • Provide family education of the psychiatric symptoms of conditions, medications and encourage family involvement in the treatment and discharge planning process; and
  • Provide discharge planning to facilitate the transition of the patient to a less intensive level of care.

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